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"Cake, Skip, Yes" - Amy Piller

'I love you'
What random words,
Why not,
'Cake, skip, yes,' instead.

Each time I thought it
I would turn to you and say
'Cake, skip, yes'
I like that, 'Cake, skip, yes'

But then
if this were ever to end
every cake, skip and yes
would recall you.
And I like cakes,
skips and yes.

'I love you,' is just
I love you.

Will we say it enough times
to make it mean me to you?
Make it always call and recall you to me?

Bake a cake, skip,
say yes.
Say it again:
'I love you love.'
I love love, I love you
'I love you,'
I say again,

Autumn ends:
frogs settle down
into the earth.



Moving day. House cleaning. Landlord coming by to do a preliminary check on things later. Mostly taking it easy, drinking some ~aLcOhOlIc SeLtZeRs~ and putting stuff away gradually.

I've never felt a lot of emotions about things like moving, or living spaces in general. This current apartment is nice and all and I'll miss elements of it, but I'll adapt to the eccentricities of the new place just fine. Very excited for the new neighborhood (younger, more alt, LOTS more vegan food).

Thinking about writing some server-side code to handle these blog posts, maybe a simple database. At the very least breaking up my HTML, because this document is approaching 200 lines in my code (using Pug for HTML rendering). For now sticking to the single page design however.

Had a lot of trouble making the mobile acceptable. Firefox's tools for responsive displays sadly suck and I had to briefly switch back to chrome.

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I've just left my job at a big finance company and I'm feeling fantastic. The entire time I was there felt incredibly constricting in the views I was allowed to have and the ways I could express myself.

So I've made this blog now as a way to just collect things I think are cool and serve as a reminder for the kind of person (art, style, values) I want to be. I'm probably going to abandon it quickly, but it's what I want to do now.

It's also an experiment/practice in web design. I want to keep things very simple and only use css to solve problems or be obnoxious. Every bit of it should be purposely to solve a problem or purposely to add to artistic aesthetic, and maybe that aesthetic should focus on usability first. As little javascript as is possible - I'd like none at all if possible. Let's keep it fast, y'all!

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